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The motivation

Each person is responsible for the profession choice. In this sense for members of ARCHIDO team the activity is a service to business of the life, and each project of bureau becomes personal.


All employees of a workshop have profile education, they are experts on technologies of management of space which don't change throughout all history of architecture. For us it is important to be successors of masters of the past.


We design the space and surround the client with subjects which matter, sense and treatment; we put it in the center of the multilayered metaphysical space filled with its ideas and vital installations. Work with idea as with a category gives the chance to come nearer to great values, to live not simply near of art, but in art.

Individual designing

The combination of the creative approach to industrial quality of rendering of services. In business for ARCHIDO it is important to be face to face with the client, to guess its thoughts and to improve the reason quality of life. The company doesn't work with intermediaries and doesn't participate in tenders, but willingly takes part in professional competitions on creation of projects.

Inspiration (Synchronous inspiration)

ARCHIDO in practice has proved that the muse exists.

Orientation to process

In creation and creativity our command goes forward, takes pleasure in work and shares it with the customers. The process doesn't substitute result of work, but rise to new values through life in joint creativity with the client.

The sequence

During the years of work the company has generated the step-by-step strategy consisting of statement of a problem, search of inspiration, the analysis of the project and search of images. A final step - is the offer of variants of realization of the project taking into account the customer’s way of life. Because of the system approach the realization of multifunctional projects, expansion of concept of functionality become possible as that.


The company aspires to apply new technologies and materials.

Work in pleasure

Creation and an embodiment of projects in a material world give creative force.


We are guided by world leaders and experts of the architectural market and aspire to adjust cooperation with colleagues from other countries. The company participates in the international professional competitions.

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8 (812) 242-76-82
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