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Architect's bureau ARCHI-DO has been working since 2006.
The Founder – Vadim Kondrashev, architect, graduate of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPSUACE).
Profile – architectural design of projects, private and public areas, art consulting, event-management, interior design, decoration, engineering design, advisory services for real estate purchasing.
The game on architectural field is a constructive method of Archi-do. An area has always come laden with cultural patterns in the history of architecture. The presence of metaphysical symbols distinguishes marvelous project from a good one – for instance, the area can even be a model of the Universe:)
The name “Archi-Do” means “the way of architecture”, it was formed by interfusion of English word “architecture” and Japanese hieroglyph “do” (道), meaning “way, path, method”.
The mission of the company is to provide conditions for customer’s self-expression through architecture.

8 (812) 242-76-82
По вопросам будущего партнерства и сотрудничества (агенты, подрядчики).
Публикации, образовательные проекты – Оксана Виниченко, pr-менеджер бюро.
Архитектурно-проектные вопросы – Вадим Кондрашев, главный архитектор бюро.
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