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What is WHOSB.A.D. foundation?

WHOSB.A.D. foundation – is a business community of creative and committed people whose career consists of architecture and design.
Inspired and motivated by architecture we organize the unique chain of events.
Our mission is to promote architectural space and to market it as a new media scene for effective business promotion.
Members of WHOSB.A.D. foundation:
Vadim Kondrashev / architectural bureau Archido, WHOSB.A.D. mover
Alexander Malich / journalist
Nikita Volkov / HomeLab, “smart home” technology
Denis Ivanov / MauerBuro, European doors and dividers
Mitya Kharshak / designer, Projector magazine, editor in chief
Ekaterina Dulova / DDC-creative lab

Honored guests: Yota, Design gallery/bulthaup
WHOSB.A.D. deals with scripts, stages the events’ design, sets up and promotes innovative business projects.
Format of WHOSB.A.D. events includes installations, festivals, movies screenings, lectures, exhibitions, architectural contests, awards, etc.
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8 (812) 242-76-82
8 (812) 242-76-82
По вопросам будущего партнерства и сотрудничества (агенты, подрядчики).
+7 (904) 552 50 44
Публикации, образовательные проекты – Оксана Виниченко, pr-менеджер бюро.
+7 (921) 777 66 77
Архитектурно-проектные вопросы – Вадим Кондрашев, главный архитектор бюро.
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